"Served from the centuries old tradition of Royal Cuisine"
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Thai eating is quite unique, for it combines the finest cuisine of the Far East with a few Western touches. Chopsticks are a no-no with most Thai foods, and knives are not present on the table. The food is cut into bite-sized pieces in the kitchen, and it is easily managed with a fork and spoon.

The spoon is always held in the right hand at the top of the dish. The back of the fork serves to push a small amount of food into the spoon, which is then lifted to your lips for a thousand taste sensation.

A wide range of tastes such as sour, salty, spicy, hot, sweet, and even bitter can be experienced with Thai cuisine. These flavors make Thai food unique in the field of gastronomy.fork_spoon1_thumb

In order to give our food the genuine taste and flavor of Thai cuisine, we purchase most of our ingredients from small, quality-oriented purveyors. Ingredients are also imported from Thailand.
The dishes served at Reka’s are authentically Thai. They are from the centuries old tradition of royal cuisine, a style of cooking unknown even to most Thais. Subtlety and delicacy are the guidelines in the preparation of these dishes, and extend to all areas, from the careful selection of fresh and flavorful ingredients, to "just right" amount of seasonings, and to colorful and artistic presentations.

We use only fresh, top quality food, carefully and properly prepared.

Each dish at Reka’s is cooked to order. Because of the time-consuming demands this places on the kitchen, dining on royal Thai cuisine cannot be rushed. Enjoy this wonderful food at a relaxed and leisurely pace, taking time to appreciate fully the amount of care that goes in every detail.


Thank You for Dining with Us 




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